Who has been Announced For 2022's MCM Comic Con?

We said to watch this space... Here at Next Level, we will be attending all three MCM Comic Con events in 2022; including in London and Birmingham. As the events come closer, we make sure we are aware of the guests announced and this will dictate the products we take with us. We want to make sure that we have products in demand; get your favourite actors or voiceover artists to sign all your merchandise, from pop vinyl to T-shirts. All at MCM Comic Con.

So, who has been announced? Find out more here. 

Who is Going to MCM London Comic Con?

Comic con is a great opportunity to meet the faces behind some of the biggest anime. There's a good chance you might not know what your favourite anime voice actors even look like; as typically they are not heavily marketed as in other films and TV series. 

For this year, voice-over actors from hit anime programmes like My Hero Academia. Clifford Chapin (Katsuki), Kyle Phillips (Kaminari), and Justin Briner (Midoriya) are all in attendance at this year's MCM comic con; where photo opportunities and autographs are available. Why not get a Katsuki rare pop vinyl to be signed by the actual voice-over artist? 

Or, why not be dressed for the occasion and check out this Attack on Titan cosplay weapon? Perfect for meeting Trina Nishamura, star of both anime series, who will also be in attendance.

Also attending MCM London Comic Con is Ross Marquand, who has appeared in popular series The Walking Dead and in Avengers Infinity War. So, you have your choice of Ross Marquand-related film merchandise. Many may not know that Marquand is a talented impressionist, frequently performing as Christopher Walken and Matthew McConaughey on late-night talk shows. 

So you might not be aware that Marquand replaced Hugo Weaving as Red Skull in the MCU. Check out this Red Skull figure depicting the character in Infinity War and Endgame.

What Else is There?

Not just the featured guests, MCM London comic con also has tons of added bonuses. Exclusive for this year, there has been a confirmed replica of Netflix's Stranger Things set, in tandem with the release of series 4. So, why not cosplay as Dustin in his 80s look? This POP & Tee combination includes a T-shirt (available in different sizes) and an accompanying rare pop vinyl. All in time for a trip to the Upside Down.

Or, why not have a group photo with some Stormtroopers? Clearly on break from hunting the rebel alliance. There will be photo opportunities with fully dressed Stormtroopers available; perfect for a shelf alongside other Star Wars figures.

Coming back for another year is MCM Fringe; an outdoor stage full of live music, performances and comedy. Go back to the 19th century with Old Time sailors singing the best sea shantys. If that wasn't enough, MCM fans may show off their inner star by performing in MCM's very own Talent Show.

MCM Birmingham

Not to leave the other city out, MCM Comic Con in Birmingham takes place between the 12th and 13th of November at the National Exhibition Centre. Although the event is six months away (at the time of writing), that hasn't stopped the level of build-up this comic con has received. This is clear with their featured guests. 

With the upcoming release of the Star Wars prequel, Obi-Wan Kenobi, it is no wonder why MCM comic con has decided to feature both Ian McDiarmid and Hayden Christensen, who played Emperor Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker respectively. So, why not look the part of a dark lord? Impress either Darth Sidious or Darth Vader with a Lightsaber replica. 

The Star Wars cosplay weapons come in a range of colours, but we recommend red if you are wanting to join the dark side. For the man himself, check out our Anakin rare pop vinyl, portraying his descent into the dark side. 

Next Level

Here at Next Level, we sell a wide range of pop culture and gaming merchandise that is not found on your local shop's shelf. Just explore our catalogue. We are sure to have something that will attract your interest. Perfect for your next MCM Comic Con trip. Take your shopping to the Next Level.

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