Who Are the Most Influential Pop Culture Gaming Characters From the Last Decade?

Video games. They've been around for so long; only improving with newer technology. Even non-gamers will recognise these characters, as they become prominent in popular culture. And, this is evident in gaming merchandise also. But, who are the most influential characters in video games of the last decade? Find out more here.


Though not a character, the concept of Minecraft has been influential in the last decade. Cited as one of the greatest video games of all time, Minecraft really doe snot have a narrative; rather players can use their own imagination and build worlds.

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Master Chief

First released in 2001, the science fiction video game series, Halo, has released various games over the last decade; following protagonist Master Chief. This iconic Spartan has never revealed his appearance, but his recognisable armour has still managed to front the series. Master Chief also has his own live-action series that will be released on Paramount+, starring Pablo Schreiber.

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Similar to Master Chief, Link from The Legend of Zelda series manifests the selfless protagonist trope and goes on a hero's journey. Each game introduces a fresh version of the hero, who is forced into a crisis and has no recollection of the series' previous cycles. Though the character has been around since the 80s, Link has only been enhanced and improved over the last decade. 

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Probably one of the most recognisable characters in the Overwatch series, Tracer is prominently featured in gaming merchandise and official media. Tracer also was the first confirmed queer character in the series and one of the first queer characters in popular video games. As the poster girl of the Overwatch series, Tracer has been a favourite amongst fans and is described as one of the most iconic characters by PC Gamer.

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Initially released as a joke, Fortnite has slowly become the biggest and most popular video game. It certainly has made an impact on pop culture, including various celebrity skins and worlds based on popular films and TV. Even previous characters that we have already mentioned, such as Master Chief, are included in the game node Fortnite Battle Royale. With the descent into The Meta Verse, Fortnite has most likely changed the future of video games.

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