What Makes the Best Gift For the Biggest Film Critic?

We all have that one friend that you can't watch a film with, without telling you obscure and pointless facts about how the film was made throughout. The film critic. You usually find them in the wild, stalking the aisles at HMV. Or, mindlessly scrolling through IMDB trivia pages to get behind the scenes information. Most probably, will offer their movie reviews without you ever needing to ask.

So, what type of gift should you buy amateur film critics? With so much variety available, here at Next Level, we want to help you choose the best presents that will be treasured by film fans. Living up to their expectations. Find out what you should look for the film critic in your life below.


At Next Level, we make sure that the items we stock typically are not found on most shop shelves. We scout for interesting and unusual gifts that would please any film critic. Amateur film critics may want different items that relate to their favourite films, that perhaps are not found in other homes. 

Fans of horror may have various items such as masks and t-shirts in their wardrobe. But what about snow globes? At first glance, the two don't seem to go hand in hand. And, that's why it's a perfect gift for a film critic. Check out this snowglobe from The Exorcist. Depicting the iconic possessed Regan. Or, why not a rare pop vinyl of your favourite character reimagined? Like this Venomized Hulk Funko Pop; not found on your average shelf.

Good Quality

Like every gift, you want to be assured that the product is of high quality. At Next Level, we only stock the best of the best of the best. When shopping for film merchandise, make sure to check what the item is made of and its dimensions. You don't want any surprises on delivery.

A fan favourite in both the MCU and at Next Level, your film critic of choice would love a replica of Thor's hammer Mjolnir; complete with a resin base. Coming to a hefty 4KG, this film merchandise is made of high-quality materials and is perfect for any prop or collector. The same goes with other cosplay weapons. For comic con events, foam swords are ideal as they are not restricted. If they are wanting to cosplay, why not check out Genji's foam sword, from the series Overwatch? 

Practical Uses

For some film fans, it is not enough to just have merchandise on their shelves. They want practical use of it; where they can actually use the gift. This could include clothing, furnishings or items for the kitchen. Typically, when certain films release merchandise surrounding their narrative and characters, they will have various choices available. Think outside the box for your film critic. What they could use in everyday life? Paired with the film they would want to show off their favourite.

Fans of Star Wars have it easy. Lucasfilm has released various items and subsequently by The Walt Disney Company. Why not invest in a Chewbacca backpack for everyday use? Or, check out these Stormtrooper tumblers, as part of the Royal Selangor's Star Wars collection.

Niche References

But, what about those movie lovers who don't want an over-the-top reference in their gifts? Not just a t-shirt with the film's logo in the centre. Niche merchandise is great for the film critic who wants to see who understands that reference. A great way to either make friends, or to feel superior with their knowledge.

Hagrid's Pink Umbrella is perfect for any Harry Potter fan and is also a practical gift. As there is no reference to Harry Potter in the design, it will only be hardcore fans of the series who will understand where the item comes from. Also from The Noble Collection, Arwen's pendant is recognisable to fans of The Lord of the Rings. A great accessory, it is functional as a necklace, whilst still adhering to fans of the series.

Take Your Shopping to the Next Level

Here at Next Level, we sell a wide range of pop culture and merchandise perfect for any film critic. All of which you will not find on your local shop's shelf. Just explore our catalogue. We are sure to have something that will attract your interest. Perfect for your next MCM Comic Con trip. Or, as a gift for your friends and family who love film.

So check out the rest of our products. We make sure our best selling items are in stock. Why not follow us on Instagram? Our social media team posts regular content and videos for all our latest offers.  

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