Lord of the Rings Premium Metal Blade Sting Sword With Plaque

Lord of the Rings Premium Metal Blade Sting Sword With Plaque

Lord of the Rings Premium Metal Blade Sting Sword With Plaque

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Embark on a legendary journey through Middle-earth with the Premium Sting Sword prop replica – a masterfully crafted homage inspired by the iconic weapon from the timeless epic, Lord of the Rings. 

The Premium Sting Sword prop replica draws inspiration from the rich lore of Lord of the Rings, replicating the distinctive design of Bilbo Baggins' trusty weapon. This premium version pays homage to the elven craftsmanship and iconic moments from the beloved saga.

The grip of the sword is adorned with an exquisite elven vine motif, capturing the intricate elegance of elven craftsmanship. This attention to detail adds an extra layer of authenticity to the Premium Sting Sword, making it a true work of art.

Crafted with precision and premium materials, this prop replica boasts superior construction and finish. The premium quality ensures durability and an authentic feel, allowing enthusiasts to appreciate the craftsmanship inspired by the elven realms.

Whether proudly showcased on a collector's wall or wielded as part of a Lord of the Rings-themed display or cosplay ensemble, this prop replica is designed to meet the expectations of Middle-earth enthusiasts.

The Premium Sting Sword prop replica includes a display plaque, providing a regal backdrop for showcasing this iconic weapon. The plaque enhances the overall presentation, making it a captivating centerpiece for any collector's space.

With a length of 75cm, the Premium Sting Sword boasts impressive dimensions. Whether displayed as a collector's item or wielded for cosplay, its proportions make a striking statement, capturing the essence of Bilbo's heroic adventures.

As this is a metal sword it can only be sold to those over the age of 18 years upon receipt of valid ID. We will require verification of your age via a photo or scan of ID showing your name and age before the dispatch your order.

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