Fire Emblem Chrom Foam Sword JT2303

Fire Emblem Chrom Foam Sword JT2303

Fire Emblem Chrom Foam Sword JT2303

Introducing our meticulously crafted Chrom's Falchion Sword replica from the renowned game Fire Emblem: Awakening. This decorative piece is specifically designed for passionate fans and enthusiasts, making it an ideal companion for unforgettable cosplay adventures and photoshoots.

Made with precision and attention to detail, this high-density foam replica captures the essence of Chrom's iconic weapon. This replica boasts remarkable durability and a lightweight nature, allowing for easy handling and hours of comfortable wear. The foam material guarantees safety during cosplay battles. The foam construction also means that this replica is travel-friendly, making it convenient to transport to conventions, events, or any gathering where you wish to showcase your dedication to the Fire Emblem franchise.

Whether displayed as an eye-catching centerpiece in your collection or wielded in thrilling cosplay performances, this replica promises to elevate your Fire Emblem experience to new heights.

Specifications of our Chrom Sword:

Overall Length: 101 cm.

Blade Length: 63.5 cm.

Blade Width: 5 cm.

Material: High Density Foam.

Sharp: No.

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