Arknights Ch'en Raythean Sword Foam LARP Prop Replica Arknight

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Arknights Ch'en Raythean Sword Foam LARP Prop Replica Arknight

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Ch'en, head of the Lungmen Guard Department's Special Inspection Unit, graduated from the Royal Victorian Guard School with superb grades and outstanding achievements. During her time with the Department, she cracked down on crime, fought violent offenders, tracked down armed fugitives, and brought down international criminals. Now works at Rhodes Island, providing on-site tactical command.

"She's terrifying when she's mad, but you don't want to mess with her even when she's not."

In the highly popular mobile game 'Arknights', Ch'en is a Swordmaster Guard who specializes in DPS and uses two swords, Chi Xiao and Raythean.

Here we have a high-quality PU foam replica of Ch'en's Raythean Sword.

It is hand painted with high attention to details, features a fiberglass core which makes the sword feel heavier as if it was a real thing and adds some additional sturdiness, so it can withstand some rough handling.

This replica measures 99 cm from the bottom of its hilt to the tip of the blade.

It is a perfect addition to your Arknights cosplays or LARP events and it is safe to take to any conventions.

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