Why Should You Get a Rare Pop Vinyl?

Over the years, Funko Pops have gained traction, snowballing sales as more and more collectors are getting involved. You don't even need to be a lover of films or comics, as there are various categories including Zodiac signs and even the Royal Family. A rare pop vinyl, however, adds so much more to a collection.

There are lots of different kinds of Pop Vinyls, so it is down to your decision what you believe is worth collecting. But don't just go for the standard bargain bin pop figures that everyone has on their shelf.

Limited Edition

Purchasing a rare pop vinyl means you are more than likely getting a product that very few people own. If a figure has only produced 20 units, chances are your latest addition will be a rare pop vinyl. There are many benefits to this. For one, your collection will stand out against others; those who have the standard Funko pop figures. Sometimes, the limited editions vastly differ from the standard items, including all-gold editions, varying sizes and glow in the dark; Marvel's limited edition Hulk figure, for example.

There are many different types of limited editions also. For example, Chase Vinyls are variants to standard characters that occasionally are produced as little as only 10 times. Even if it is a slight change in costume or hair, the figure will add variety and value to your collection. Check out our Eleven Chase Variant from Stranger Things, depicting the character with a blond wig. You can identify these limited editions from the Chase sticker on the front of the box.

Value For Money

Unlike some collectables, a rare pop vinyl does not decrease in value if taken out of the box. Typically, action figures are sold whilst still in the packaging. Think about Toy Story 2's Stinky Pete, before his evil plan was revealed; he was Mint in Box (MiB), which is usually reserved for the rarest items. However, this does not matter for Funko pop collectables. Often a misconception, you can easily open your toy without worrying about decreasing its value. You can proudly show off your collection, not just through the window of the box.


Conventions are a great place to find those rare Funko pop figures that aren't found on local shop shelves. Various traders will travel around the country to showcase their merchandise, making sure to exhibit their best selling and most limited edition products. Funko also releases pop figures exclusively to particular conventions. For example, 2018's Spring Convention saw the release of an exclusive rare pop vinyl of Rick Sanchez. Conventions are also a great place to meet similar-minded people who also are actively collecting figures; with some fans even bringing their own pop figures for the chance to swap.

Here at Next Level UK, we make sure to attend as many comic cons and exhibitions as possible around the UK. Currently, for 2022, we are attending three events in London where we can interact with our customers and sell our exclusive products. Last year, we even had to restock mid-convention to meet demand! But rest assured, this year we will make sure our best selling items, including a rare pop vinyl, will be fully supplied. 

Our Services

Next Level UK, we sell a variety of products from all walks of pop culture. From Marvel and DC, to Netflix favourites Stranger Things and Rick and Morty. Search our catalogue; you might be surprised by what you find. We are always getting in new shipments of products to sell across the UK. From a rare pop vinyl to The Noble Collection selling film merchandise. Whatever your fancy, you are guaranteed to find something of interest if you are a lover of film, TV, games or even just the hobby of collecting! Take your shopping to the Next Level.

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