History of Collecting Action Figures UK 

Action Figures UK

Action figures in the UK have been around since the 1960s, becoming popular with G.I. Joe figures and the UK's Action Man version. Since then, collectables have evolved and have had many faces throughout the years. From the typical doll to collectables of pop culture figures. Action figures are always evolving, yet it is the ones from the past that are the rarest to find.

The 1960s and 70s

Action figures became popular from the late 60s, picking up their speed with the release of the blockbuster series Star Wars. Here at Next Level UK, we keep up this tradition by selling vintage rare collectables from the George Lucas series; including the classic Battle Droid and prequel character Mace Windu.

G.I. Joe and Action Man were constantly being outsold in shops everywhere and marketed as one of the first "boys' toys". The very clear and contrasting gender roles of the 60s consequently targeted dolls such as Barbies for girls and left the soldier figures to the mucky lads. Thankfully, this way of thinking has since primarily left the marketplace, but through the 60s, 70s and even 80s, this way of advertising is clearly used. During the 70s, more and more action figures in the UK were sold, relating to pop culture and film merchandise. Superheroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman were hitting shops, in tandem with the purchases of comic books.

The 1980s Onwards

With more content on television, including cartoons, the 1980s also started to release further action figures in the UK. It is primarily this time when collectors realised this was a brand new market for them. Put down the stamp book, action figures were bought and preserved in their original packaging for future collectability. Even then, audiences were aware of what the future would hold for these toys. Fast selling collectables included Thundercats and action figures from the Star Trek universe.

From Toys to Collectables

Obviously, when action figures were invented and sold, the main purpose was for children to play with them. Not to be part of a collection. Yet, that is what they turned into. Think Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. A grown man meticulously cleaning glass cases and refusing to give up any of his collection. That is what action figures evolved into, making sure they stay mint in the box. Even the film itself has even spawned its own figures; for example, the iconic waxed Andy.

It may take some time, but there is something so satisfying about collecting an entire deluxe action figure range. You are guaranteed to gain a profit; if or when you decide to sell. However, sometimes half the fun is the hunt! But where can you go? It’s hard to find the specific shop that will sell the items you are seeking. You don’t just want an average action figure that is found at your local shop. Take your shopping to the Next Level.  

Our Services

Now in present-day, Next Level UK continues to sell pop culture merchandise and action figures in the UK. We sell a vast number of products, constantly changing depending on our best selling items. Our team makes sure all our products are of high quality and are not found on the typical shop shelf. You are guaranteed 5-star customer service, with a 30 day returns policy if our items do not fit in with your collection. But we highly doubt that! Check out our statue and action figure page.

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