Why Should You Shop The Noble Collection?

The Noble Collection

Why be boring? Don't just settle for the standard candle set or bland ornaments for your home. At Next Level, we provide alternative and unique finely crafted gifts; perfect for any home that doesn't want to be ordinary or a gift for your loved ones. Are you a lover of film? Well, look no further than The Noble Collection.

The Noble Collection offers a wide range of products, spanning the most popular film and TV series. There are many reasons why this collection may be the perfect gift for you or your loved ones. Check out this helpful guide on why you should consider The Noble Collection.




Your style should match your personality. If you love films such as the Lord of the Rings or Star Trek, why not incorporate these into your everyday life? The Noble Collection creates hand-crafted items that are durable and of high quality. Fans of Spock, or even Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, will remember the Tri-Dimensional chess played in both mediums. Imagine having the Star Trek chess set in your living room? Definitely a conversation starter and unique addition to any game night. 



Great to Collect

As it may suggest with its name, The Noble Collection is a collector's greatest dream. The company produces a wide range of content, which noticeably, all feature in the same accumulation. For example, The Noble Collection has a range of "Magical Creatures" from the Harry Potter series. In a collection of 18, you can get fan favourites such as Dobby or Fawkes; perfect for any Potterhead's shelf. Combining the items also will increase the overall price, for those collectors who are looking for big sales.




At Next Level, we understand the importance that surrounds events like comic con and how having the perfect cosplay is everything. That's why we make sure to stock valuable items, such as cosplay weapons that will make an impression at any comic con. Including The Noble Collection. Wanting to masquerade as Gandalf the Grey? Well, you will need ("You Shall Not Pass") staff. You are sure to stand out from the rest of the grey-cloaked crowd. We also stock The Noble Collection's replica of his wooden pipe from The Hobbit




Fashion. Such a subjective topic. When it comes to lovers of film franchises, many look to incorporate the items of their much-loved characters into their everyday looks. It's a great way to instantly show off your personality and receive compliments from similar-minded folk. Back to the land of Hogwarts, Hermione's Bag, from The Noble Collection, can be part of any collecter's shelf. Or, for those who want practical use, be worn for everyday use. These functional items are great for those wanting to add their favourite character's style into their wardrobe, without it being too overly obvious. It is also great for any cosplaying as the iconic heroine. 

What about jewellery? A great gift for a loved one or just to enhance any outfit. Well, why not stick to your Harry Potter theme? At Next Level, we stock The Noble Collection’s Golden Egg Pendant; a necklace featuring the plot device. A perfect finish for any outfit.



Next Level

Here at Next Level, we sell a wide range of noble Harry potter collection collectables and pop culture figurines that are not found on your local shop's shelf. We stock a range of merchants, including The Noble Collection, ensuring that our products are distinctively appealing to all sorts of crowds. A fan of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Then, look no further! Take your shopping to the Next Level.

So check out the rest of our products. We make sure our best selling items are in stock. Why not follow us on Instagram? Our social media team posts regular content and videos for all our latest offers. Get all our offers delivered straight to your feed. 
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