Why Nemesis Now Are Great Gothic Gifts

Nemesis Now

Looking for an alternative gift for your spouse? What if a cuddly toy and card just won't cut it this year? At Next Level, we make sure that we are stocked on gothic and unique figurines that are sure to turn heads when placed on a mantelpiece. Nemesis Now is a great example of these oddities.

Nemesis Now offers a wide range of products including finely crafted items of your favourite pop culture brands. From bands like Kiss and Iron Maiden, to games such as Assasin's Creed. Over 15 years, Nemesis have been producing specialised products and outsourcing their products to other merchants. But why should you purchase Nemesis Now items? Check out this list of reasons why Nemesis Now products should be added to your Next Level basket.

Alternative and Unique

Nemesis Now is not your typical gift. The in-depth figurines are not found on your average shelf; offering variety in your collectables. They stand out from the typical ornament and can showcase different types of personalities in a collection. Most of the products are targeted to more alternative groups, such as goths, metalheads or even the odd witch. The theme of the items consists primarily of dark magic elements; skulls, grim reapers and black cats, oh my!

Our best selling items of Nemesis Now include gothic homeware such as a Mother Maiden Crystal Ball Stand. We use the term "homeware" loosely here, but you can't deny, it would be a very unique addition to any living room. Definitely a talking point at a dinner party.

Horror Merchandise

Fans of horror are more than welcome here at Next Level and Nemesis Now is home to various horror merchandise. For old-school horror fans, Nemesis has designed and manufactured a figure that resembles the silent film legend Nosferatu, called The Count. Perfect for those who want to remember the founding fathers of the genre.

It's not just classic horror, however. Nemesis keeps up with the ever-changing genre and the films that are released through the 21st century. For example, one of our best selling categories revolves around the reboot of the IT series, starring Bill Skarsgård as the fearful Pennywise. Nemesis has capitalised on this growing trend and has created a tankard featuring the murderous clown; definitely not for the faint of heart.

Next Level UK

Here at Next Level, we sell pop culture collectables and unique figurines that are not found on your local shop's shelf. We stock a range of merchants, including Nemesis Now, ensuring that our products are distinctively appealing to all sorts of crowds. Whether this is alternative, gothic or fans of films such as Harry Potter and the IT series. There is surely something for everyone. Take your shopping to the Next Level.

So check out the rest of our products. We make sure our best selling items are in stock. Why not follow us on Instagram? Our social media team posts regular content and videos for all our latest offers. Get all our offers delivered straight to your feed.
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