The Exorcist Regan Funko Pop! Vinyl

The Exorcist Regan Funko Pop! Vinyl - NEXTLEVELUK

The Exorcist Regan Funko Pop! Vinyl

"What an excellent day for an exorcism."

Frequently voted the scariest film of all time, William Peter Blatty’s 1973 film The Exorcist, based on his 1971 novel of the same name will now take it's terrifying place in your Pop! collection.

After playing with a Ouija board, twelve-year old Regan begins acting strangely, exhibiting signs of demonic possession. The demon Pazuzu has taken poor Regan’s body as a host and quickly turns this innocent young girl into a tool of pure evil. The only solution? An Exorcism.

This Pop! Vinyl figure will scare you silly. Featuring Regan in her iconic possessed state, you may want to leave this Pop! in the box, you know… for safety's sake.

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