Mechanical Oxygenation Nemesis Now D4734P9

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Mechanical Oxygenation Nemesis Now D4734P9

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Mechanical Oxygenation Steampunk Mask Ornament

Nemesis Now is proud to present this Steampunk statuette, available as a part of our extensive alternative giftware selection. Staring straight ahead, this being’s eyes are obscured by a large pair of copper goggles with dark lenses. Held in place by thick leather buckled straps, they connect at the back of the skull to form an impregnable mask. Proceeding forwards the front of the piece features a set of two air vents to keep the occupant oxygenated.

Cast in high-quality resin before being carefully hand-painted, this figurine is a great reminder to budding engineers to wear breathing apparatus when working with dangerous phlogiston

Size 18cm

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