Disney Lilo and Stitch Lilo Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Lilo and Stitch Lilo Funko Pop! Vinyl - NEXTLEVELUK

Disney Lilo and Stitch Lilo Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Lilo & Stitch has to be up there for one of the cutest Disney movies of all time. Sure, it's up against stiff competition, but Lilo & Stitch has an adorable main character who overcomes adversity plus strangely cute aliens and a joyful island soundtrack featuring the likes of Elvis and the Kamehameha Schools children's choir.

The original movie was released in 2002, and it had a sequel (LeRoy & Stitch) plus a spin off TV series. If you were a child or knew a child in the early 2000s you are surely familiar with the cute little Hawaiian girl Lilo and her unlikely alien pal Stitch.

 Even if you were a full grown adult in the early 2000s there are plenty of reasons to love this movie. The beautiful locations, wonderful animation, fantastic music and funny characters to name a few.

Complete your Pop! vinyl Ohana! This 3 3/4-inch Lilo & Stitch Lilo Pop! Vinyl Figure presents Disney's most adorable younger sister, Lilo as a unique vinyl figure.

Bring her home today, or take her on a trip to Hawaii - she'll be quite at home there!

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