Drakkar Viking Tankard Nemesis Now B4723P9

Drakkar Viking Tankard Nemesis Now B4723P9 - NEXTLEVELUK

Drakkar Viking Tankard Nemesis Now B4723P9

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Fight for Valhalla with the Drakkar Tankard, exclusive to Nemesis Now’s Premium high-quality giftware collection!

The brown body of this Tankard is adorned with intricate carvings from the great Viking Longships of old. A warriors face is emblazoned on the side of the mug, wearing a silver and gold helm with two menacing axes crossed behind him. Below the portrait sits a quartet of Viking shields leaning on the hull of a longship. The handle is fashioned from the bow of a large Viking Battle Ship, complete with a carved Dragon’s head that forms the top of the handle.

Cast in top-quality resin and expertly hand-painted, this Tankard comes with a removable stainless steel insert for ease of cleaning.

Size 15cm

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