Barbie Day-to-Night Color Reveal Doll Beach to Party Transformation Set

Barbie Day-to-Night Color Reveal Doll Beach to Party Transformation Set

Barbie Day-to-Night Color Reveal Doll Beach to Party Transformation Set

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These Barbie Colour Reveal bdolls deliver the ultimate unboxing experience -- 25 surprises, eight repeat colour-change features, two pets, two outfits and a Barbie doll to play out day-to-night transformations over and over again!

Find fun transformative themes like beach to party, carnival to concert and dog park to movie night with lots of pieces for lots of play. The packaging is part of the fun -- remove the 15 mystery bags, with their hidden contents, through the back panels; then remove the center tube and pull the strip to remove its outer layer.

Inside is clear tube containing a mystery metallic golden Colour Reveal doll. Fill the tube with warm water, then insert the doll and swirl her around. The water turns golden, and when the doll is pulled out, her features are revealed! Each doll has a different combination of eye colour, hair colour, skin tone and decorated leotard.

Open the 15 bags to discover clothing and accessories for two complete looks, including two colour-change long-haired wigs, a small sponge and two Colour Reveal pets! And the surprises continue…swirl the Colour Reveal pets in warm water to uncover and reveal their looks. Use the pieces to dress the doll and play out a story, then switch it up with wow!

Dip the sponge in ice cold water and use it to transform the color-change pieces -- like two of the accessories and two pets. With the use of warm and ice cold water, kids can repeat the moment over and over again! With so many surprises and so many pieces, kids will have so many stories to tell. Which doll will you reveal?

Little ones can collect them to mix and match accessories and expand the possibilities! Includes doll, two pets, two outfits, two bags, two colour-change wigs, two colour-change accessories, sponge and additional themed pieces. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Doll cannot stand alone.

Contains: Barbie Colour Reveal Carnival to Concert Doll.

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